Melanie Churchill

Assistant Vice-President, Marketing

About me

As the AVP of Marketing at Tall Oak Capital Advisors, Melanie is responsible for leading the development, execution and evaluation or the company's marketing and communication programs, as well as brand management. With a unique combination of creative and analytical skills, Melanie is able to develop innovative marketing campaigns that capture audiences and boosts engagement. Her passion for investment management makes her a perfect fit for Tall Oak.

Melanie has worked in the investment management industry throughout her career. She started in Private Client services before transitioning to Institutional marketing where her investment knowledge and writing skills were honed while producing fund commentaries and developing institutional-level marketing programs. Prior to joining Tall Oak, Melanie led a team of investment marketers for the investment management company of one of Canada's largest insurers. During this time, she collaborated with several asset management companies worldwide on new fund launches, webinar events, market commentaries, and marketing campaigns. Her most notable achievement was leading the creation of the inaugural Market Outlook report, which won a Gramercy Institute Asset Management Marketing Award for excellence in Creative Single Execution.

Melanie is a lifelong learner and continues to develop her skills in marketing through professional development courses and webinars. She has earned a Professional Certificate in Marketing from Western University, is a graduate of Fanshawe College's Financial Services program, and has attained the Chartered Investment Manager designation.

Coffee Chat

Question One:

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your phone, what would you keep?

I couldn’t live without: Audible, Spotify and Email.

Question Two:

Early riser or night owl?

I am an early riser. There is nothing quite like watching the sunrise when I’m out for a morning run.

Question Three:

Favourite sport to watch?

Anything my two daughters play. Right now, that’s hockey, soccer, and badminton.

Question Four:

Best book you’d recommend?

Reading and listening to books is a passion of mine. One of my all-time favorites is "The Tattooist of Auschwitz" and its sequel, "Cilka's Journey," both written by Heather Morris. These books tell a powerful story of hope, love, and humanity during the Holocaust. I highly recommend them.