Victoria Lawrence

Marketing and Communications Specialist

About me

Victoria holds a 4-year University degree from Western University, majoring in Sociology with a Digital Communications Certificate focusing on Digital Marketing. This unique combination of disciplines has equipped her with an appreciation of human behavior and effective communication.

Prior to joining Tall Oak Capital Advisors, Victoria accumulated valuable experience in media and played a pivotal role working with a social media marketing business in expanding its presence. This hands-on experience has honed her skills in content creation, engaging with audiences, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

In her role as the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Tall Oak Capital Advisors, Victoria leverages her expertise to build and strengthen the Tall Oak brand. Her mission is to craft and implement communication strategies that resonate with our audience, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and support. With an eye for detail and a passion for effective communication, Victoria is dedicated to propelling Tall Oak Capital Advisors to new heights in the financial services industry through strategic marketing initiatives.

Coffee Chat

Question One:

Team Coffee or Tea?

I enjoy both but I'd have to go with an iced oat milk latte (you can catch me at Starbucks often).

Question Two:

You are in a karaoke contest. Your winning song is….

Given my limited karaoke experience, I'd have to go with Sweet Caroline, always a crowd pleaser.

Question Three:

What would be your last meal?

All you can eat Sushi hands down.

Question Four:

Cat or dog person?

Dog person 100% - I’d have 5 if I could!