Business Advisory

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today. We can help you prepare for what’s next − whether you want to propel your business to the next level, protect what you’ve built, or create an exit strategy for retirement.

How we can help


Business Consulting

We can help you maximize your business success.

We go beyond financial advice to offer you a holistic approach to growing your business.

Our knowledge of the economy and business world along with our experience helping business owners across industries can help you reach your business goals and plan for the future.

Open Dialogue

We will work with you to better understand the complexities and challenges you and your business face to help you plan for the future.


Together, we will uncover the unique opportunities and risks your business may face to create a plan that fits your objectives.

Strategic Partnerships

We can connect you with strategic partners in your field, potential acquirers, lenders, or financiers.

Implement your plan

Your personalized plan will bring everything together. We will regularly review, analyze, and make changes to your plan to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Propel your business to the next level.

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You’re looking at the next step. We can guide you there.

What is your exit strategy?

Whether your business is owner-managed, or family-owned a well-rounded transition plan can help you efficiently transition operations and ownership so you can get the most out of retirement.

Every situation is unique so that’s why we strive to create a personalized plan based on your needs that:


Maximize your values

  • Cash flow planning (personal and professional)
  • Debt management
  • Risk protection
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning


Minimize your taxes

  • Optimizing use of corporations and trusts
  • Family tax planning and estate equalization
  • Minimizing capital gains


Transition your way

  • Efficiently transition operations and ownership
  • Family cohesion and minimizing stress
  • Contingency option

Key benefits to a successful transition plan

  • Protect the business from unforeseen events
  • Builds a strategic roadmap for your business’s continued success
  • Retire with confidence
  • Create generational wealth and legacy

Risk Management

Risk Management

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Plan for unexpected risks that could impact your business interests.

Protecting you, your family, and your business from incapacity and death is part of every planning conversation.

We aim to provide you with peace of mind financially through:

Business partnership or shareholder agreement funding
Estate equalization strategies
Key person insurance
Tax minimization strategies
Income and lifestyle protection
Safeguarding your retirement plans
Business sustainability planning

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Wealth Strategies

Wealth Strategies

Do you have a plan that reflects your wishes and what you want for your loved ones?

A well-structured estate plan can help you protect, manage and pass on your wealth plan how you want. 

We work with you to create an estate plan that prioritizes your personal, family and business interests for a smooth transition that delivers on your vision.

Our planning process includes:

  • Ways to maximize estate values
  • Strategies to minimize taxes
  • Philanthropic goal planning
  • Wealth protection strategies
  • Future generation planning

Common Estate planning questions

  • How much money will be left at death?
  • Who will receive what?
  • How much tax will be paid?
  • How do I  avoid probate costs?
  • What legacy do I want to leave?

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