A Men’s Health Breakfast

Last week at the London Convention Center, Mehendi and I attended the Urology Men’s Health Breakfast Symposium. Proceeds went to support the urology program at St. Joseph’s. 

The speakers were either from the medical profession, or involved in men’s fitness. One of the more poignant speakers was Dr. Nicholas Power. Using a gentle humour and much self-deprecation, he told us stories from the viewpoint of being a surgeon responsible for the lives of young men. Some of the stories had happy endings, some did not.

The goal of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is to make Canadian men the healthiest in the world. Not an unachievable goal, but men need to cooperate.

A memorable slide shown during the presentation was a photo of a sign saying, “Men will die from stubbornness.” On which someone had spray painted “No, we won’t.”

There were more than a few women in the audience. Women received high praise for taking care of themselves, for getting checked, for asking the right questions. And therein lies the difference, men don’t do these things. Hence the raison d’être for the breakfast: C’mon guys. Don’t be shy, step right up and get checked. Go for your annual. 

It was an informative event. And, it’s a message that more men need to pay attention to. Watch for it next year. 

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