Retirement – Or Rather ‘Unretirement’ Explored

Retirement is fluid. It is not always clear what retirement will bring, even for the one retiring. What one thinks they make like, may differ significantly from what their retirement reality presents.

Many approach retirement without having had the opportunity to fully explore this new phase of life. As Sue Ellen King says in this Financial Post article, “I’d done all the preparation, except to really think about what life was going to be like”.

Like many in her situation, after a taste of retirement, she decided to go back to work. “Economists refer to this sort of U-turn as “unretirement.” “

With our unique retirement VIEW approach, we, at Tall Oak Private Wealth, work with our clients to understand a wide range of options and realities in retirement. Most importantly, we build fluidity in their plans to ensure that we can accommodate unexpected changes in retirement such as the ones shared in this article.

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‘Unretirement’: Why many Americans try retirement and then change their minds

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