Live Like A Resident – Transition To Practice

I remember, as a child, sitting around the dinner table with my siblings and parents, having discussions and debates about school, finances, and world events. These discussions would continue until we determined the answer.  Sometimes it took hours to find answers to our questions. We would pull out the Encyclopedia Britannica, other books or the World Atlas, and finally, if we still couldn’t find what we were looking for, we would call Grandma and Grandpa.  In those days, whoever was the oldest always had an answer and was always right!

Fast forward to 2020.  Think about the same dinner table discussion.  How long would it take you to find an answer to a debated topic? Seconds?  Every person at the table would pull out their smart phone and, within seconds, have an answer through Google.  Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?  Yes, if that answer is correct.  But most of us know that there is not just one answer to many questions.  There are thousands of links and pages with potentially conflicting advice.  Message boards and Facebook groups filled with opinions and often unsolicited advice.  By the end of your search, you may be overloaded and have more questions than answers.

The same goes for every topic – including how to manage your wealth.  This is what led us to create our “Live Like a Resident – Transition to Practice” webinar series. Our first webinar launched on Thursday December 4, 2020.

The primary goal of these online seminars is to provide residents and those in the process of transitioning to practice with relevant and comprehensive answers to questions they have, based on real concrete information and real-life experiences.  We work with physicians through all life stages, from medical school to residency to practice to retirement.  Merging key learnings from their personal situations and our expertise in wealth management, our webinars answer the most pressing questions and decisions that residents have to make when making the leap from education to practice.

Regularly, we will highlight a new topic in our blogs and webinars:

  1. What does incorporating mean, and when should I consider incorporating?
  2. Should I pay down debt, invest, or do both?
  3. Building wealth: tips for newly practicing physicians.
  4. Home ownership: What types of real estate should I look at?
  5. Risk management: What insurance protection should I be considering?

This is the opportune time to surround yourself with best practices and a team that is focused on medical, integrated advice with your best interests at heart. 

And to support local restaurants in these difficult times, we have dinner delivered to everyone who registers.  Our webinars are not restricted by location.

To sign up for our next webinar, contact us.

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