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Introducing Tall Oak Talks: Your Investing Podcast

Introducing Tall Oak Talks, a podcast where we explore the world of investing. Our aim is to keep our listeners up to date on the latest market trends and economic developments while offering insights into how we, at Tall Oak Capital, navigate the trends and opportunities that are shaping the investment landscape. 

In our inaugural episode, we’ll provide a brief overview of our investment approach and strategy for managing the Tall Oak Capital Appreciation Fund. Then, we’ll delve into the four primary themes that dominated headlines throughout 2023: interest rates, inflation, the strength of the economy and the state of the U.S. banking sector. Finally, we’ll examine how the portfolio is positioned in light of these market conditions and whether caution is warranted in the months ahead.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, this is for you.

A big thank you to Kirk Jones at EMAC Recording Studios for helping to bring Tall Oak Talks to life!

A picture of Mehendi Kamani, Tall Oak Capital Advisors, Kirk Jones, EMAC Recording Studios, Ben Legge, Tall Oak Capital Advisors
From left to right: Mehendi Kamani, Tall Oak Capital Advisors; Kirk Jones, EMAC Recording Studios, Ben Legge, Tall Oak Capital Advisors

Please be advised that this podcast is for information purposes only. Views expressed are as of the date of recording (May 9, 2023) and may change based on market or other conditions. Tall Oak Capital Advisors provides this podcast as a general source of information only and is not intended to provide personalized investment advice or recommendations. Please consult with your investment professional before making any investment decisions. This commentary is intended for distribution only in those jurisdictions where Tall Oak Capital Advisors is registered.